A design-build and development operation

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Revolutionary Ecollaborative is a non-profit design-build and development group that is working to establish a network of cooperative micro-communities dedicated to education, sustainability, art practice, and public service.


In pursuit of an alternative to profit-driven corporate real estate and land development, RE facilitates the collaborative construction of human-centered environments which nurture their users, promote collective self-improvement and encourage a more environmentally conscious, communal way of life.

The properties we develop are designed to function as forums for educational exchange, experimental test sites for sustainable design and building, creative retreat centers, and hubs of neighborhood revitalization. Through each of these projects we aspire to engage our teams and the public in a co-creative participatory process of community-oriented urban transformation and regenerative environmental stewardship.

We currently have two projects in the early phases of development - one in the central Utah desert, the other in the tropical highlands of Nicaragua. Additionally, we are planning our first annual placemaking event: Alternative Building Convergence 2020. 



Our organizational philosophy is built on four pillars that guide us in everything we do.


Through hands-on activities, workshops, events, courses and retreats, our projects function as open-source laboratories and democratic forums that generate cross-cultural educational experiences. Eschewing a traditional institutional hierarchy, we are all constantly engaged in a process of both teaching and learning together.


We believe humankind can be a regenerative - as opposed to a destructive - force on the natural ecosystems that support us. We design and build environments, systems and experiences which are environmentally low impact and aid in our ability to re-connect to and become responsible custodians of this spaceship Earth.


To participate in the universal act of creation is at the core of our humanity. We actively work to increase and exercise our creative potential and powers in the construction of human-centered habitats and systems for living. Art is an exploratory process through which we communicate and make meaning.


Our projects are outwardly focused on the communities around them, and aim to make positive contributions and changes to our social, economic, and environmental contexts. We aim to implement a social algorithm programmed to enhance, improve, beautify, nourish, and sustain the urban organisms of which we are a part.